Friday, February 1, 2013

You Need This in Your Pantry!

Let me introduce you to an ingredient that will change your life!  I am not even kidding you -- you need to buy this right away.
Navitas Raw Cacao Powder
It is a raw version of a cocoa powder that does not have the nutrients cooked out of it.  It is categorized as a "superfood," but that's not why I love it!

The taste is amazing!  It is a rich chocolatey taste, deeper and more nuanced than a regular cocoa powder.

Use it in ice cream!  Use it in cookies, hot cocoa, brownies, will kick up the taste several notches.  If you love chocolate, you will adore this.  If you like healthy foods, you cannot live without this any longer.

It is not sweet, but it is the ultimate in chocolate taste.

I buy mine at, but you can probably also find it at a health food store.  Go forth and find it!  You won't be sorry!


  1. Oh yeah. The woman is right. I support her belief. :D

  2. Thank you Sarah! I am looking forward to trying it. :-)