Monday, January 28, 2013

5 Reasons to "No 'Poo" Your 'Do

Besides the fact that you get to say "No 'Poo Your 'Do" with a straight face, I've been considering whether there might be advantages to giving up shampoo.  Now that I'm a month into my "farewell to shampoo," I have some insight for those of you who might consider trying this.  And also for those of you who would never consider trying this.  Maybe even for the occasional person who doesn't care either way.  So read on...

5. If you get some of this "shampoo" in your eyes, it will still sting, but they won't get as red as they would with regular shampoo, and they will recover sooner. This reason may sound rather lame to some of you coordinated people out there, but to someone who always used to come out of the shower looking like the morning after overindulging in alcoholic beverages, this is a big deal. 

4.  Build upper arm strength!  You may not think so, but holding your arms above your head long enough to thoroughly massage baking soda solution into your hair will require more muscle tone than you already have (unless you're a body builder or something).  Now you can be buff and have gorgeous hair at the same time!

3.  Apple cider vinegar is apparently great for eczema.  If you have sensitive skin, you might be surprised by how much it clears up when you use this shampoo (or lack thereof) routine.  I was.

2.  You get a head massage every time you wash your hair. True, you have to give yourself the massage, but kinda beats lazily relying on suds for their cleansing power. Also, it is said to stimulate blood flow to your brain cells. I can use all the help I can get!

1.  You could have a volcano in your shower -- every day! That's right! You get to use the very same ingredients used to make an elementary school volcano model to clean your hair. Not that you would make a volcano...but it's nice to know you could.

All of this and soft, shiny, chemical-free tresses?  It's all true.

Intrigued?  You should be.  If you are completely convinced that you must rush out and try "No 'Poo" this very day, be sure to read my original post explaining how to do it here.  Then revel in your coolness.  Go forth and enjoy your head massage!

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