Monday, January 14, 2013

Week 2: No Coupons

The experiment continues!  Saturday was very busy, so I am a bit late this week.  I am also very ashamed to confess that I backslid a bit this week.  I actually used 3 coupons at Publix this week.  However, we also did quite well at the Farmer's Market.

We got:
1 half gallon raw goat's milk
1 head hydroponically grown organic purple cauliflower
1 bunch hydroponically grown organic bok choy
4 hydroponically grown organic kirby cucumbers
2 heads organic broccoli
1 bunch organic green onions
2 lb. organic carrots
2 baking potatoes
2 locally grown navel oranges
1 avocado
3 limes
1 gardenia bush

...and a partridge in a pear tree!  Just kidding about that one, but we spent right around $25.

At Publix, as I confessed, I couldn't quite stay away from the coupons this week.  Back in my Weight Watchers days, I became shamefully addicted to the WW novelty ice creams.  They were BOGO this week with a $1 off coupon, which made them about $1.50/box.  Too good to pass up.  Yes, I know they are terrible, and no, I did not read the ingredients list, nor do I care to.  We all have our vices.  This is mine.

I also got a banana, some apple cider vinegar, some dijon mustard, and several boxes of tissues (a necessary casualty of my violent sneezing cold last week).

Ah well.  Coupon recovery is not as easy as it seems.  But I'm looking forward to using those yummy veggies this week.  Stay tuned -- more to come!


  1. Ah, yes. Two steps forward, one step back. I'm proud of you.

    1. Of course -- but I guess the point is really to be more aware of what I am spending money on, and That is certainly happening. So, victory all around, right?

  2. Oh, I love gardenias! It is such a pretty flower and smells wonderful too.

    1. Me, too. I left my old one behind at my parents' house and have been wanting one for a while. I was happy to see some decently priced ones at the Farmer's Market this week!