Saturday, January 5, 2013

Week 1: No Coupons

Due to an unfortunate coupon incident, I am taking the month of from couponing and focusing on buying local, healthy food at the Farmer's Market as much as possible.

This week, I cheated a little.  My husband and I had previously agreed that we would visit the grocery store for his father's weekly banana (long story).  This week, we had to get not just the banana, but the month's worth of cat food cans, and some brown basmati rice for a chicken and cabbage meal we'll be making later this week (recipe to come).  So we ended up spending a total of $9.67 at Publix.  Also, my sister is picking me up some blueberries and blackberries from Aldi for a total of $2.50.

Now on to the Farmer's Market!  We spent a total of $24.50 on the following:

1/2 gallon of raw goat's milk
1 bunch organic celery
1 head organic hydroponically grown cabbage
1 head organic hydroponically grown butter lettuce
1 bag organic hydroponically grown spinach
5 organic hydroponically grown tomatoes
2 organic sweet peppers
1 box organic grape tomatoes
3 organic parsnips
3 organic baking potatoes
1 head organic broccoli
1 avocado

So far, so good.  Now to use all of that yummy produce!

And it was actually easier on the budget than doing a full shopping with coupons.  (Let me just take this moment to say that this would obviously not be possible without a small stockpile created by the use of coupons.  I am not totally against the use of coupons.  This month is just for taking a break from the craziness and trying to eat a cleaner, less-processed diet without spending a lot of money.  *commercial over*).

Later this week, I'll share how we used some of this produce.  See you then!


  1. I miss Farmer's markets. We do not have any near our home. Suburbia does not have farmers markets here in the west. Probably because thw only plants that grow out here are cactus and green chiles. Looking forward to reading your recipes that you are going to share soon. -Jolene

    1. I don't think a Farmer's Market that sold only cactus and green chiles would have too many visitors! You'll have to get your "fix" when you come back to visit Ocala next time. Hope you enjoy the recipes!